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Temporary? Permanent? You'll be covered here.

Mehndi and Marked is located in Fountain Square, Indiana and is paving the way for a new tattoo shop concept. You will find permanent tattoos as well as temporary henna tattoos within our walls. We are passionate about curating a comfortable, welcoming and enjoyable experience for all our guests and clients. 

A unique approach to the tattoo studio.

Mehndi and Marked is not only a tattoo studio but a place for artists to show and sell their artwork and products. Artists and artisans are also welcome to host small events and classes in our space. From poetry readings to henna tattoo workshops, we are passionate about supporting a wide array of artists and bringing the community into our space. 

Location & Hours

upcoming events

1339 Prospect Street,
Indianapolis, IN

Open: TUES – SAT
12:00PM –7:00PM

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