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Daniel West

Daniel West tattooing a customer's arm

Artist bio

Daniel is a very talented tattoo artist who has been so busy killing it with his clients that he has not sent his bio to the Mehndi + Marked shop assistant, so she is filling it out for him. People rave about his pet portraits, recently winning 2nd place for one of his pet portraits at the Chicago Tattoo Convention in the Medium Black and Gray category. Danny is part owner of Mehndi + Marked with owner Joey of JoHenna Designs. He can't wait to meet you!

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Danny Booking

DanielJDraws Tattoo Request Form

This form is to help us get you the tattoo best fit for you. Please fill this out in its entirety, ensure to include any and all details. I truly appreciate you wanting to work with me.

Color, Black and Gray, or some color
Availability. I schedule clients Tuesday-Saturday. let me know a day of the week that works best for you.



  • I do require a $50 minimum non-refundable deposit for all my tattoos. That number can go up for bigger projects, but it goes toward your final balance at your session!

What payment methods do I accept?

  • I accept cash, venmo, cashapp, and Zelle. Please note that I cannot accept card payments.

How to best Prepare for a Tattoo Appointment:

  • Get some good sleep, eat a big meal (at least 4 hours before), and stay hydrated.

  • If you want to bring along some sugary snacks, they can really help stabilize your blood sugar during your session! There’s always some at the shop as well as bottled water :)

  • Comfy clothes that give good access to the area being tattooed are always a plus.

  • Moisturizing your skin leading up to your appointment and after your session can make a lot of improvements to your healing experience. Please do not moisturize day of your appointment.

  • Please do not use numbing cream before your appointment. If you have have any questions about numbing cream, please consult with me before your appointment. 

  • I won’t be able to tattoo on top of burnt or excessively torn-up skin, so when the session approaches, be weary of sun exposure and other damage.

Danny Portfolio
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